T H E _ L A P T O P _ O R C H E S T R A

Creation of this work was made possible in part by Artist Trust

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Core Laptop Orchestra Musicians:

James van Leuven

Andy Rohrman
Michael Evans

Andy Seavers
Mark Fauver

Video Documentarians:
Marshall "Stack" Reid of Manik Skateboards
Don Wallingford



Mass Mvmnt
Brushed Golden Ltd



News Dec 10th, 2007 The Seattle Laptop Orchestra has been on hiatus as of late, but the ideas are still circulating amonst members. Also it turns out that the concept of a Laptop Ensemble is a phenomon being tested all over the world. As the Seattle Laptop Orchestra has found it a challenging and new territory in music, so have our like-minded friends around the world. Check em out:

The Seattle Laptop Orchestra
The Berlin Laptop Orchestra
The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)
The Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLork)
Moscow Laptop Orchestra or Cyberorchestra
The London College of Communications Laptop Orchestra
The Tokyo Laptop Orchestra
the Music In Mouvement Electronic Orchestra
EMU Ensemble
Helsinki Computer Orchestra

News Oct 1st, 2007
The Laptop Orchestra is in MUSIC THING

News Oct 1st, 2006 We were preparing to present at the Pacific Science Center, but time and logistics have forced us to post-pone the debut. James (see Plan B website for details) leaves for a residency/job in Holland making the music for a hip hop theater production. James will return to Seattle in June 2007, and we will continue with developing the Laptop Orchestra.

News Sept 17, 2006
: The Laptop Orchestra has been experimenting steadily all summer with our core members now at 6 musicians. We are slowly building the number of players, because it can get choatic. So one step at a time.

News July 17, 2006
: The Laptop Orchestra is currently looking for laptop musicians to play in the orchestra. We currently practice every tuesday in Seattle on Capital Hill. Because of recent developments like wireless midi sync'ing and compositional break throughs we're hoping to expand the orchestra with more dedicated players. If you are interested please email me at info@laptoporchestra.com or call me at 206.801.1950. - thanks.

News June 30, 2006: The Laptop Orchestra has now integrated wireless midi-synching! A wonderful invention.

News June 15, 2006: James van Leuven was awarded the GAP Grant through Artist Trust to develop the Laptop Orchestra. This money was used to buy a legal copy of Ableton Live :), rent rehearsal space, and publicity. Thank you Artist Trust.

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Quick Overview:

The Orchestra is built up into sections and chairs like a traditional orchestra: 8 instruments in the Percussion Section (covers all toneless rhythmic sounds), 4 instruments in the High-Range Section (tones 2,000hz thru 20,000hz), 4 instruments in the Mid-Range Section (tones 500hz thru 2000hz), 4 instruments in the Bass Section (tones 20hz thru 500hz).

In December 2005, we held 4 rehearsals, with 7 volunteer laptop musicians from the Seattle electronic music community, to try out ideas. The practice sessions made many of the complexities of this project apparent. We re-convened this spring with 3 core members, James van Leuven, Andy Rohrman and Michael Evans, to continue developing the orhcestra.

to be continued...



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